Stud Males  

         Classic Pablo

Classic Pablo- Solid Black (IAR164762) Certified

Sharanpa Alpacas welcomes Classic Pablo to our farm with Alpacaspecialist Picasso, Coonawarra Julius, Somerset Peruvian Black Reign, Coonawarra Gladiator and Parnabrae Brutus genetics in his bloodlines this little man is guaranteed to add that special bit of impact to your herd.

Sire:           Alpacaspecialist Picasso

Dam:          Alpacaspecialist Moon Dancer

DOB:          30/10/2010

Certified :   05/12/2012

Pablo is available for servicing for $300 per female with a 10% discount offered when 2 or more females in one booking.

Onsite servicing available at Mt Barker.

Fleece Analysis tested by The Micron Man  06/10/2016

          Mic AVG    24.4                          CV%      28.3

          Mic DEV    -1.9                           SF Mic    25.4

          SD Mic       6.9                            CF%      81.9


Genetic History

Somerset Peruvian Black Reign - Solid Black (IAR56384) Foundation Imp Peru

Peruvian Imports Black Reign is a Peruvian import who has a boldly defined crimp with lustre, handle and density. His conformation is compact and well-constructed. 

Imported to Australia by the renowned Canchones stud, he passes on his excellent characteristics to his offspring.

Alpacaspecialist Picasso - Solid Black (IAR 73061)


Coonawarra Julius - Solid Black (IAR10959)

In an industry that boasts few iconic blacks, Coonawarra Julius is a legend. Born in 1994 he was still shearing 24 micron at 10 years of age - unheard of in black alpacas in an era when most blacks were over 30 micron by 3 years of age.  Also possessing excellent confirmation and substance of bone, he is the sire of note to look for in a black alpaca pedigrees, with many of his descendants showing the same fine micron, blue-black lustrous fleece and conformation Julius is famous for.  He is the sire or grand sire of a string of black ribbon winners live Elis Presley, Dorchester and Downing Street.

Dalrymple Jasper 

Dalrymple Jasper - Rose Grey/Medium Fawn (IAR208020) Certified

Sharanpa Alpacas welcomes Dalrymple Jasper to our farm, this stunning little man is now my second stud male and is sure to produce some colourful cria.

Jasper comes to our farm with genetics which include Purrumbete El Dorado, Purrumbete High Priestess, Purrumbete Highlander, Purrumbete Flamingo Mist, Jolimont Beaumont and Jolimont Angel Face

Sire:         Wilari Park Salazar

Dam:        Nyroca Park Tina

DOB:        07/08/2014

Certified:  11/11/16

Jasper is available for servicing for $350 per female with a 10% discount offered when 2 or more females in one booking.

Onsite servicing available at Mt Barker.

Fleece Analysis tested by The Micron Man  6/10/16

      Mic AVG    25.8                        CV%       20.9

      Mic DEV    -0.5                         SF Mic    25.1

      SD Mic      5.4                           CF%        84.1

Genetic History

Purrumbete Highlander -  Solid White (IAR2402)  Foundation Imp Peru

Highlander, with over 400 registered progeny, was an exceptional male in every aspect. He was a sold white full Accoyo specially selected fro Don Julio Barreda's Estancia Accoyos herd in Peru as part of an elite group of alpacas imported to Australian in 1990.

Aged fourteen when he died his last fibres statistics in 2001 show his mean of 23 microns, SD of 4.9, CV of 21.3% and his spin fineness of 21.  These are great stats for a male of his age.  Highlander sired over 90 certified males including Parnabrae Brutus, Purrumbete Drambuie, Windsong Valley Iceman and Windsong Valley Braveheart.  Highlander had close to a 35% success rate with his male progeny.

Highlander was renowned for his ability as a sire and grandsire to produce quality descendants displaying both fleece and conformation excellence.  He was considered one of the "top 5" foundation males in the Australasian Alpaca Industry, and the inclusion of his name in any pedigree immediately attracts attention.
Highlander had profound influence on the breeding of high quality alpacas, his breeding comes even more apparent when you look at his sons, for example Purrumbete Brigantine, Minderoo and Parnabrae Brutus just 3 of many that have all been champions in their own right.
Purrumbete EL Dorado  - Sold Medium Fawn (IAR2403)

“One of the elite foundation herd sires of the Australian alpaca industry”

Now deceased (June 2006), El Dorado, aged between 18 and 20 years at the time of his death, was considered one of Australia’s finest sires. El Dorado was imported into Australia in 1991, and had a long and illustrious stud career spanning 15 years. At the time of his death, El Dorado was considered to be one of Australia’s most prolific sires, with over 630 registered progeny.  Many of these (and their descendants) have had outstanding show successes and fleece data to their credit. Considered a foundation icon, El Dorado’s presence in an alpaca pedigree is still highly regarded.

One look at El Dorado and you will understand why he has over 600 progeny in the Australian AAA database.  Amongst those progeny are 66 certified males including Beringya Downs Rueben, Shanbrooke Enchanter, Two Ways Belem and Windsong Valley Ice Lord. 

Alpacaspecialist Turkish Delight

Alpacaspecialist Turkish Delight - Solid Medium Fawn (IAR164762) Certified

Sharanpa Alpacas welcomes Turkish Delight to our farm with ILR Ppperuvian Legend, ILR Ppperuvian Drambuie, Parnabrae Brutus, Purrumbete Highlander and Purrumbete Inti in his genetics this boy is sure to produce some beautiful offspring.

Sire:           Merungle Lancelot

Dam:          Coonawarra Sheer Delight

DOB:          14/04/2009

Certified :   24/11/2010

Fleece Analysis tested by The Micron Man  6/10/16

Mic AVG    31.3                         CV%       17.3

Mic DEV    +5                            SF Mic    29.6

SD Mic      5.4                           CF%        47.3

Turkish Delight will be available for servicing for $300 per female with a 10% discount offered when 2 or more females in one booking.

Onsite servicing available at Mt Barker.